These Voltage values from either the peak voltage, the peak-to-peak voltage, RMS voltage, or the average voltage.


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The peak-to-peak voltage calculator finds the peak-to-peak voltage, $V_{P-P}$, from the peak voltage, $V_{P}$, rms voltage, $V_{rms}$ or average voltage, $V_{avg}$. 


$V_{P-P} = 2*V_{P}$

$V_{P-P} = 2\sqrt{2}*V_{rms} = 2.828*V_{rms}$

$V_{P-P} = \pi*V_{avg} = 3.414*V_{avg}$

$V_{P}$: The maximum instantaneous value of a function as measured from the zero-volt level. For the waveform shown above, the peak amplitude and peak value are the same, since the average value of the function is zero volts.

$V_{P-P}$: The full voltage between positive and negative peaks of the waveform; that is, the sum of the magnitude of the positive and negative peaks.

$V_{rms}$: The root-mean-square or effective value of a waveform.

$V_{avg}$: The level of a waveform defined by the condition that the area enclosed by the curve above this level is exactly equal to the area enclosed by the curve below this level.