This calculator computes the resonant frequency of a tank circuit






A tank circuit is a parallel combination of a capacitor and inductor, and is the most common "resonant" circuit -- a circuit that absorbs maximum power at a particular frequency (called the resonant frequency). This tool is designed to calculate the resonant frequency of a tank circuit if the capacitance and inductance values are known.


$f_{r} = \frac{1}{2\pi \sqrt{LC}}$


$f_{r}$ = resonant frequency

$L$ = circuit inductance

$C$ = circuit capacitance


The resonance of tank circuits have many important applications in electrical engineering, particularly in radio technology. For instance, without tank circuits there would be no radio transmitters or receivers. The simplest radio transmitter involves the use of a class C amplifier with a tank circuit at its load side. When this circuit is powered, the tank circuit generates enough energy to couple the signal from the amplifier to the antenna, and thus the signal radiates to space. Similarly, a radio receiver employs a tank circuit when receiving a signal, by tuning it to the frequency of that signal.