Hardware Pioneers London
2016-06-30 by Swie

Swie.io’s Head of New Business Development, Radu Diaconescu was invited by Hardware Pioneers to speak at their latest event held in London on the 7th of July. The topic for the evening was The Future of Manufacturing: Digital, Distributed, Agile.

The event was set to have a good turnout with over 400 registrants who came to hear how manufacturing can be one of the greatest challenges that any hardware startup encounters on their journey and how Swie.io is helping these businesses overcome their challenges through Industry 4.0.

Radu spoke about the new types of business models that Swie.io is enabling as well as a brief history of the industrual revolutions and what Industry 4.0 infact means. The talk was then concluded by talking about the Drivers and Enablers of Industry 4.0 as well as the Challenges and things to consider in order to overcome them.

Pioneers Asia 2016


Swie.io was recently selected from 250 of the most promising startups in Europe and Asia to take part in a 90 seconds pitch competition at the annual Pioneers Asia 250

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